Can I create manual journal entries?

Yes, each journal entry can be customized for a specific category and property.

Can I split transactions?

Yes, you can split transactions into multiple transactions, each with different categories or property allocation.

Can I create custom tags?

Yes, you can create as many tags as you want.

What kind of rules can I create?

You can automate your bookkeeping by creating rules by account, merchant, type of transaction, listing and more. We recommend scheduling a demo to show you how rules work.

Can I track transactions by homeowner?

Yes, transactions can be allocated by homeowner.

Can I create my own categories or tags to do my bookkeeping?

Yes, you can create and use your own categories and tags.C26

How are transactions automatically categorized?

By connecting all your sources of information in the same platform, we are able to match data to automatically categorize transactions and allocate them by listing.

Can I create rules to automate bookkeeping?

Yes. You can create rules to automate your categorization and allocation. Rules can be created by merchant, by bank account, by listing and even by type of transaction.

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