Take vacation from managing your property finances

Trust accounting and automated bookkeeping software tailored for property managers.

Say hello to automation and goodbye to hours in spreadsheets.

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Streamline your financial management

Automated bookkeeping & reconciliation

Close your books faster than ever with Clearing’s automated categorization and allocation by property matched with booking details.
Automated Bookkeeping

Trust accounting made easy

Simplify the management of your finances with separate balances by homeowner and easily track your commission.
Trust accounting made easy

Fully integrated with your tools

Your financial transactions in one platform, enriched and synced with your existing softwares.

Expense management as it should be

Track all your expenses in one place with custom categories and automated homeowner allocation. Split transactions across properties in seconds.
Expense Management


Generate custom owner statements in just a few clicks and invite your accountant and homeowners with dedicated portals.
Owner Statement

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Customer Stories

How is Clearing propelling
Short-Term Rental property managers?

Learn from property managers using Clearing to automate their bookkeeping and trust accounting.

"Before Clearing, our financial management was a time-consuming and error-prone process. We were manually allocating revenue and expenses. We needed a solution that could automate and streamline our bookkeeping operations, improve our accounting accuracy, and free up our team to focus on what we do best - providing a unique and local experience for our guests. That's why we turned to Clearing."

Co-Founder, Sosuite, 200+ listings

“Clearing has revolutionized our financial management processes, providing us with an automated and streamlined bookkeeping and trust accounting solution. Once I found Clearing, I have completely replaced my home-grown solution and finally experienced the significant time savings and accuracy improvements in our bookkeeping and data reconciliation.”

Founder, Main Cottage Keepers, 15 listings

“I love the use case you guys are solving for at Clearing. A much needed solution to what is an underrated problem in the STR space.”


“Clearing is a game changer to manage properties. Revenue and expenses are automatically allocated by unit and help me save hours of manual bookkeeping every month.”

Founder, 10 units
VRMA Member

VRMA Member

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Save Hours Every Month


Clearing’s mission is to help property managers close their books faster than ever before.
Increase Owners Satisfaction

Increase owners satisfaction

Generate consistent & customized owner statements in a few clicks and let owners track their properties finances in real time.
Grow Your Business

Grow your business

We automate all the manual tasks of tracking transactions so that you can focus on growing your rental business and provide the best experience to your guests.

Time is money, save both

Your books closed in just a few clicks so you can focus on growing your business
Accurately categorized transactions (and counting)

Effortless payments

Pay bills, homeowners or any other bank accounts directly from Clearing, via ACH.
Make Payments with Clearing

Built to collaborate

Accountant portal:  invite your accountant to review your transactions and prepare tax reports.

Owner portal:  invite homeowners & investors to track their portfolio performance in real time.
Collaborate With Clearing


Frequestly Asked Questions

Our FAQs page provides valuable insights and guidance, answering your questions about Short-Term Rental financial management, bookkeeping, trust accounting, and more.

Can I link one or multiple Stripe account?

Yes, you can link as many Stripe account as you need.

Do I need a Property Management Software to use Clearing?

No, you can use Clearing even if you don't have a Property Management Software.

How can I use Clearing to collect funds?

Within Clearing, you can maintain a main balance of funds for each business that you own. This balance is stored with our banking partner Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and is insured up to $250,000. This balance can be attached to one or multiple zero-balance accounts that each have unique account numbers. You can provide each account number to any third party to send funds to you. Funds will flow directly into your main balance.Clearing is a Financial Technology Company and not a bank. Deposit Accounts are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a complete expense and revenue management software tailored for property managers & real estate investors to close their books & reconcile their accounts faster. Clearing helps to track cashflow from multiple sources (Stripe, Airbnb, bank accounts, credit cards, and more) in one place. It’s an easy way for operators to set up their trust accounting to collect funds and pay homeowners.