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For 5 properties, your pricing is $25 usd per month.
+ one time implementation fee of 199
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Bookkeeping & reconciliation

Bank account reconciliation
Expense Management
Integration with your PMS
Integration with Stripe
Integration with Airbnb
Custom owner statements
Everything in Pro, plus:
Trust accounting
Complete autopilot

Trust Accounting

Everything in Pro, plus:
Collect funds using virtual bank accounts
Open sub-ledgers to organize funds by homeowner
Pay homeowners via ACH
Pay utilities & vendors via ACH
No minimum balances required
Bank account reconciliation
Expense Management
Integration with your PMS
Integration with Stripe
Integration with Airbnb
Custom owner statements
30 days money back guaranteed

And Always...

Dedicated support
Custom chart of accounts
Unlimited bookkeeping rules
No fees to invite your accountant
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Customer Stories

Don’t just take it from us!

Learn from the clients we’ve helped automate thier Bookkeeping and Trust Accounting

"Before Clearing, our financial management was a time-consuming and error-prone process. We were manually allocating revenue and expenses. We needed a solution that could automate and streamline our bookkeeping operations, improve our accounting accuracy, and free up our team to focus on what we do best - providing a unique and local experience for our guests. That's why we turned to Clearing."

Co-Founder, Sosuite, 200+ listings

“Clearing has revolutionized our financial management processes, providing us with an automated and streamlined bookkeeping and trust accounting solution. Once I found Clearing, I have completely replaced my home-grown solution and finally experienced the significant time savings and accuracy improvements in our bookkeeping and data reconciliation.”

Founder, Main Cottage Keepers, 15 listings

“I love the use case you guys are solving for at Clearing. A much needed solution to what is an underrated problem in the STR space.”


“Clearing is a game changer to manage properties. Revenue and expenses are automatically allocated by unit and help me save hours of manual bookkeeping every month.”

Founder, 10 units


Increase owner's satisfaction and boost your team's efficiency

Property Manager

Track all your finances in a single platform


Owners have their own portal to track their transactions in real time.


Employees can collaborate with you with restricted permissions


Bookkeepers collaborate with managers to review transactions and organize books


Accountant can export transactions to prepare for tax filling


Invite other admin roles to collaborate with your team


Why Clearing?

Tailored for property manager

One stop solution to manage your finances

Fully integrated with your tools

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Discover how Clearing works

At Clearing were happy to offer a free, consultative, demonstration of our product in action. This will show you exactly how we automate your bookkeeping and streamline Trust Accounting for Short-Term and Long-Term Rental businesses, or real estate investor.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Our FAQs page provides valuable insights and guidance, answering your questions about Short-Term Rental financial management, bookkeeping, trust accounting, and more.

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We offer a 30-day money back option. Visit our pricing page for more information

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Any member can opt-out of auto-renewal before their current billing cycle ends.

Can I add trust accounting later?


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