What is trust accounting?

In simple words, trust accounting allows property managers to manage rent and booking payouts by homeowner (or any grouping) to better organize their finances and increase transparency with homeowners. Trust accounting avoids mingling funds from different owners in the same balance. A great trust accounting system will always help you to easily organize and track your finances as you scale your business.

Do you provide support to onboard new users?

Yes, the implementation fee covers an hour long session to walk you through the onboarding and train you on the platform. We also have a dedicated support team to answer any questions post onboarding.

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes, please visit our demo page.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a complete expense and revenue management software tailored for property managers & real estate investors to close their books & reconcile their accounts faster. Clearing helps to track cashflow from multiple sources (Stripe, Airbnb, bank accounts, credit cards, and more) in one place. It’s an easy way for operators to set up their trust accounting to collect funds and pay homeowners.

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