Can I pay bills through Clearing?

Yes, you can pay vendors via ACH directly from Clearing and you can provide virtual bank accounts numbers to third party vendors for automated payments.

Can I pay bills and homeowners with Clearing?

Yes, any domestic US bank account can be paid from Clearing via ACH.

Can I add trust accounting later?


What payment methods are supported?

Clearing supports ACH transfers.

Can I use same-day ACH?

Same-day ACH is coming soon. We will notify you once ready.

Is there a limit per transaction?

There is no limit on incoming funds to your main balance. There is a $10,000 limit per transaction for payments made from your balance to an external bank account.There is no daily or monthly limit.

What is an ACH?

An ACH is an electronic fund transfer made between banks and credit unions across what is called the Automated Clearing House network.

How do I pay a homeowner using Clearing?

You would simply add a homeowner as a recipient and provide their bank account information: account and routing numbers. Then you can send funds to this recipient.

Can I make payments with Clearing?

Yes. You can send funds via ACH (bank to bank transfer, in the US).

Can I open a debit or credit card with Clearing?

We don’t currently issue debit or credit cards.

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