Automating Cleaning and Turnover Expense Allocations per Property

"While using Clearing with our PMS, we found out that Clearing & Turno have integrated. This has lead to a transformation for our business, as all our payments can be facilitated in Turno, while all the reconciliation happens with automation inside Clearing. It has truly been a game-changer for us!"

Anonymous, PMC managing 120+ STR Properties

About Turno

Turno helps short-term rental operators schedule, pay, and find cleaners. Features include auto scheduling and automatic payments, plus quality assurance tools like photo checklists, inventory management, and problem reporting. Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace includes 55K+ STR service pros across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

Offering 24/7 live customer support and available in six languages, Turno syncs guest calendars from all major booking platforms and 30+ channel managers and property management systems.

How Clearing's integration with Turno will help you:

  • Automate Turno project reconciliation
  • Allocate turnover tasks per property
  • Automated bookkeeping & trust accounting
  • Streamlined detail capture for owner statements
  • Receipt management

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Auto Scheduling

A single app to schedule Airbnb cleanings with automatic assignments, delegation and acceptance. No more waiting to see if your property will be ready for your next guest.

Automatic Payments

Make manual payments a thing of the past. On average, it takes five minutes per transaction to make a payment for an Airbnb cleaning. Hosts who use Turno to pay automatically save over forty hours a year. Available in 26 currencies.

Global Cleaner Marketplace

Turno hosts the industry’s largest Cleaner Marketplace, matching STR operators with qualified cleaning professionals worldwide. Property managers use Turno’s Marketplace of 55K+ service providers to easily search for and select bids from local STR cleaners based on location, budget, and turnover task preferences.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Our FAQs page provides valuable insights and guidance, answering your questions about Short-Term Rental financial management, bookkeeping, trust accounting, and more.

Can I create manual journal entries?

Yes, each journal entry can be customized for a specific category and property.

Can I split transactions?

Yes, you can split transactions into multiple transactions, each with different categories or property allocation.

Can I pay bills through Clearing?

Yes, you can pay vendors via ACH directly from Clearing and you can provide virtual bank accounts numbers to third party vendors for automated payments.

Can I link an external credit card?

We partner with Plaid to allow you to link external credit cards to Clearing (e.g., American Express, Chase, etc.)