Embedded Payments and Payment Processing

"While I was already using Stripe for payment processing with Vrbo and Booking.com, I loved that I could simply integrate this into Clearing for all my bookkeeping to be automated. I can even create invoices and collect money through Stripe within their platform. I love how integrated it all is!"

Ahmad F., Self-managed portfolio 10+ STRs

About Stripe

A fully integrated suite of financial and payments products.

Reduce costs, grow revenue, and run your business more efficiently on a fully integrated platform. Use Stripe to handle all of your payments-related needs, manage revenue operations, and launch (or invent) new business models.

How Clearing's integration with Stripe will help you:

  • Automate payout allocations from OTAs
  • Create invoices and collect money
  • Integrate with any OTA or direct booking site
  • Allocate transactions and upsells to property assets
  • Access Stripe directly for expanded functionality

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Accept and optimize payments, globally

Increase authorization rates, optimize your checkout conversion, and offer local payment methods in every market.

Convert more customers

Increase conversion with built-in optimizations, access to 100+ payment methods, and one-click checkout. Unify online and in-person payments to provide a seamless customer experience.

Less fraud, more revenue

Automatically decrease fraud and improve authorisation rates with Stripe’s machine learning–powered optimisations, which are trained on billions of data points.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Our FAQs page provides valuable insights and guidance, answering your questions about Short-Term Rental financial management, bookkeeping, trust accounting, and more.

Can I create manual journal entries?

Yes, each journal entry can be customized for a specific category and property.

Can I split transactions?

Yes, you can split transactions into multiple transactions, each with different categories or property allocation.

Can I pay bills through Clearing?

Yes, you can pay vendors via ACH directly from Clearing and you can provide virtual bank accounts numbers to third party vendors for automated payments.

Can I link an external credit card?

We partner with Plaid to allow you to link external credit cards to Clearing (e.g., American Express, Chase, etc.)