Feature Release: Integrate External Credit Cards to a Centralized Transaction Feed within Clearing

Integrate external credit cards to Clearing’s centralized transaction feed and automate your Short-Term Rental bookkeeping operations and trust accounting today!

August 19, 2023


Feature Release: Integrate External Credit Cards to a Centralized Transaction Feed within Clearing

Property managers who handle multiple Short-Term Rental properties often face challenges when managing the financial reconciliation of their business. Tracking payments can be a complex problem, especially when the purchases are made with credit cards and include multiple charges for various different properties in one transaction. Due to these challenges, most property managers resort to using multiple credit cards, each for their individual properties, to make their bookkeeping simpler.

This approach works, but it makes bookkeeping a time-consuming process as property managers need to keep track of which transactions (or how much of each transaction) were made for each individual property. Additionally, when reconciling the transactions, they need to export multiple documents and go through each of the statements individually, which is a very time-consuming process. Last, when multiple purchases are made for various properties at once, it is very difficult to split the transactions into the respective properties that supplies may have been bought for.

Clearing now offers a solution to these challenges that allows property managers to sync all their credit cards into one centralized feed, then automate the process for recording which transactions were made by which credit card. Within Clearing, property managers can also split the bulk transactions into percentage allocations for each property, making bookkeeping much more accurate and ensuring transparency for homeowners.

We are very excited to announce this new product feature which will now allow you to link all of your external credit cards into your Clearing transaction feed and further split bulk transactions as per their property allocations. You can now bring all your transactions into one place, automate bookkeeping operations for your credit card purchases, and enjoy a seamless Trust Accounting experience.

If you’re looking for a tool that can simplify credit card purchase reconciliations & expense management then look no further.

Clearing is your solution!

We would be happy to offer you a free personalized demo to showcase how you can link external credit cards to your transaction feed so you can get started seeing the benefits yourself today.

Get in touch with us now, and learn how we can simplify and automate your credit card bookkeeping operations.

To follow our product releases, and be the first to implement new financial management solutions that become available within Clearing, be sure to stay up to date with our product updates.

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate external credit cards into Clearing, see the associated knowledge article.

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