Introducing Clearing’s Partnership with Lodgify: Efficient Vacation Rental Trust Accounting and Bookkeeping

Clearing partners with Lodgify to automate bookkeeping, coordinate expense management, and simplify trust accounting for Lodgify property managers.

January 8, 2024


Introducing Clearing’s Partnership with Lodgify: Efficient Vacation Rental Trust Accounting and Bookkeeping

Lodgify: Your All-In-One Vacation Rental Property Management Software

Lodgify, a leading vacation rental property management software, is your go-to platform for simplifying property management. From bookings to guest communication, Lodgify streamlines processes, providing the essential tools for success in the competitive vacation rental industry. Lodgify’s property management software for vacation rentals allows you to manage all your bookings, tasks, finances and guest communications from one online centralized platform. Grow your bookings with Lodgify’s vacation rental software.

Navigating Financial Waters in the Vacation Rental Industry

Embarking on the financial journey within the vacation rental industry comes with its own set of challenges. Property managers often find themselves grappling with manual bookkeeping, transaction reconciliation, expense allocations, trust accounting, and precise payout management. These tasks, though crucial, can consume valuable time, are prone to errors, and divert attention from core business operations. While generic solutions offer some relief, trust accounting in property management requires a tailored approach.

Introducing the Fusion of Clearing and Lodgify

Exciting times are here! We are thrilled to unveil the integration of Clearing with Lodgify, a powerful synergy that equips property managers in the vacation rental space with specialized tools, simplifying and enhancing their financial practices.

Mastering your Finances: Lodgify and Clearing's Financial Synergy

Efficiency in financial management takes centre stage with the seamless integration of Lodgify and Clearing, offering vacation rental businesses a transformative experience. This integration taps into the prowess of Clearing's robust financial management platform, harmonizing seamlessly with Lodgify's extensive property management features to create a sophisticated, automated solution.

This collaboration leverages the unique strengths of both Clearing and Lodgify, introducing a paradigm shift in financial practices. Revel in precise income and expense categorization, automated bookkeeping, and streamlined owner statements. Experience a simplified financial reconciliation process as you effortlessly transfer essential transaction details, booking information, and property data from Lodgify to Clearing. Tailor rules for automated transaction reconciliation and property allocation, empowering property managers with heightened clarity and control over their finances.

Discover a new era of financial efficiency where the Lodgify-Clearing synergy becomes the cornerstone of elevated financial management for vacation rental businesses.

Take the Leap into Financial Automation

Ready to optimize your vacation rental business's financial management?

Embrace the Clearing-Lodgify integration and embark on a journey toward automated bookkeeping, simplified trust accounting, efficient expense management, branded owner statements, and timely payouts.

For a detailed guide on setting up the integration, check out our knowledge article: How to Integrate Clearing's Financial Management Software with Lodgify’s Vacation Rental Software.

Don't miss the chance to see the integration in action. Request a demo now!

Clearing is a Financial Technology Company, not a bank. Deposit Accounts are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

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