Feature Release: Generate Owner Statements at Scale in Clearing

Effortlessly create owner statements at scale with Clearing. Discover how to ensure financial transparency, reduce errors, and save time with our robust solution.

June 5, 2024


Feature Release: Generate Owner Statements at Scale in Clearing

Managing owner statements at scale can be a daunting task for property managers. The manual process of creating individual statements, ensuring accuracy, and communicating effectively with multiple owners is time-consuming and prone to errors. Property managers need a streamlined solution that allows them to generate, customize, and manage statements efficiently while maintaining financial transparency.

Clearing addresses these challenges by offering a robust, scalable solution for generating owner statements. With Clearing, property managers can effortlessly create statements for multiple owners, customize the reports, and manage previous and ending balances accurately. This streamlined process saves time, reduces errors, and enhances communication with property owners, ensuring that financial reporting is both accurate and transparent.

Clearing has implemented a comprehensive and scalable solution to address the challenges of generating owner statements. The process begins with ensuring all accounts are fully reconciled, verifying that every transaction is accurately recorded. Once reconciliation is complete, property managers can easily generate statements for multiple owners simultaneously. After generating the invoices, you can review the individual statements, download them as PDFs, and send them to the respective owners via email, including all relevant receipts. For added convenience, published statements are accessible through the owner's portal, while unpublished ones can be saved for manual distribution.

Additionally, Clearing ensures that property managers can keep an accurate record of previous and ending these balances, enabling them to compare financials month over month. Managers can also view and compare statements for specific owners, ensuring detailed financial transparency. Clearing offers several default settings to streamline the statement generation process. These settings include options to include or exclude the previous balance and minimum balance in statements, display the number of nights per booking, and more. This level of customization and automation significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage owner statements, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting. Further to this, the statements can be branded to match the property management companies branding assets.

Take advantage of Clearing's scalable solution for generating owner statements with greater ease and confidence. Clearing's features not only simplify the process but also ensure that financial reports are accurate, transparent, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each owner. This makes Clearing an invaluable tool for property managers aiming to streamline their operations and improve financial communication with property owners.

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