How to Integrate VacationRentPayment with Clearing for Automated Bookkeeping and Advanced Financial Management

Discover how to integrate VacationRentPayment with Clearing for automated bookkeeping and transaction management of bulk payouts from VacationRentPayment.

June 19, 2024


How to Integrate VacationRentPayment with Clearing for Automated Bookkeeping and Advanced Financial Management

Property managers in the Short-Term Rental industry often face significant challenges in efficiently handling payment processing, bulk payouts and the associated bookkeeping (category, asset, and homeowner allocations). With guests making reservations through platforms like Vrbo and, that make property management companies the merchant of record, property managers encounter complexities in manually extracting vital details like guest information, reservation specifics, and associated line items under each VacationRentPayment payout. To address these challenges, Clearing introduces a streamlined integration with VacationRentPayment. By seamlessly integrating with VacationRentPayment, Clearing empowers property managers to access crucial information about guest payments, reservations, and line items under each payout from the payment processor, facilitating comprehensive financial records and automated bookkeeping with precision.

By connecting a VacationRentPayment account to Clearing, property managers gain access to essential data about their guests, specific reservation financial information, and corresponding payment transactions. Clearing's automated system accurately matches each payment to its respective booking, providing property managers with a clear overview of the financial aspects of their rental property business.

Simple Steps to Integrate VacationRentPayment with Clearing

Step 1: Access the Integrations Section in Clearing

Log in to your Clearing account and click “Settings” at the bottom of the left-side menu. In the “Settings” menu, select the option “Integrations”. This is where you can manage all integrations for your account.

Step 2: Connect Your VacationRentPayment Account

In the Integrations management interface, click the “VacationRentPayment” option and then select the “Connect VacationRentPayment Account” option under VacationRentPayment.

To connect an account, once you click the button a notification will be sent to VacationRentPayment. This requests that the VRP team provides an ID, which will be needed to use the integration. Once the ID is received, the system will be ready to use by property managers using Clearing.

Step 3: Monitor and Analyze Transactions

Once the integration is established, Clearing automatically fetches relevant guest payment and reservation data from VacationRentPayment. Navigate to the "Transactions" section in the left side menu in Clearing to view your VacationRentPayment transactions. Click “See Details” to review the detailed line items under each VacationRentPayment payout.

That’s it!

Now go on and enjoy the incredible benefits of integrating VacationRentPayment with Clearing!

Simplify payment processor bulk payout reconciliation and automate bookkeeping with ease. Consolidate transactions from multiple sources and get necessary information about guest reservations, transaction details, and line items under each VacationRentPayment payout in one centralized platform.

Sign up for a live demo now and see how integrating VacationRentPayment with Clearing can streamline and automate teh VRP payment processor payout bookkeeping.

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