Launching the Clearing and FantasticStay Integration

Discover the new FantasticStay and Clearing integration for streamlined property management and financial automation. Transform your rental business today!

May 24, 2024


Launching the Clearing and FantasticStay Integration

For FantasticStay users that are navigating the complexities of Short-Term Rental property management, the integration of FantasticStay's property management capabilities with Clearing's financial management tools marks a significant advancement. This collaboration simplifies financial operations for property managers and real estate investors, offering automated bookkeeping, streamlined trust accounting, and comprehensive financial oversight — all with automation being leveraged for increased efficiency.

With FantasticStay, you gain operational efficiency and an enhanced guest experience. Combined with Clearing's automated financial solutions—including expense management, payout allocations, owner statements, and simplified payouts—managing your property's finances has never been easier. This direct integration seamlessly transfers data from FantasticStay to Clearing, eliminating manual entry and ensuring your financials are always up-to-date and accurate.

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Embrace the future of property management by integrating FantasticStay with Clearing. Say goodbye to manual financial tracking and hello to more time focusing on what matters most in your business.

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Clearing, a leading Financial Technology Company, partners with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, to offer secure financial services.

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