Launching the Lodgify and Clearing Integration!

Clearing integrates with Lodgify, a leading Property Management System, to automate bookkeeping, coordinate expense management, and simplify trust accounting for Lodgify users.

January 10, 2024


Launching the Lodgify and Clearing Integration!

đź‘‹ Lodgify Property Managers!

Ready to revolutionize your vacation rental property finances?

Say goodbye to complex accounting practices as we introduce the groundbreaking integration between Clearing and Lodgify.

By seamlessly intertwining Clearing with Lodgify, you gain access to powerful financial tools that effortlessly put your rental business's financial management on cruise control. Imagine consolidating financial transaction information from various channels, bank accounts, and credit cards, all while enjoying automated rules for reconciliation. The best part? It all unfolds in real-time!

With this integration, witness Clearing seamlessly extracting property, booking, and financial data from Lodgify, allowing you to bid adieu to manual interventions. Moreover, you wield full control to establish rules governing these transaction types, rendering your financial management smoother than ever.

Vacation Rental Financial Management, Automated!

We understand that managing bookkeeping, trust accounting, expense management, collaboration with homeowners and bookkeepers, owner statements, and vendor payments can be overwhelming. Fear not! Our solution liberates you from the shackles of financial management, paving the way for a permanent vacation from Short-Term Rental bookkeeping – let’s make it happen!

Embrace the transformative integration between Clearing and Lodgify, and immerse yourself in enhanced financial visibility, exceptional automation, and simplified year-end accounting.

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Clearing is a Financial Technology Company, not a bank. Deposit Accounts are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

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