Launching the Clearing and VacationRentPayment Integration

Discover the new Clearing and VacationRentPayment integration, offering automated payment processing and financial reconciliation for Short-Term Rental businesses.

June 21, 2024


Launching the Clearing and VacationRentPayment Integration

Discover our latest integration between with VacationRentPayment, designed to streamline payment processing for Short-Term Rental businesses that use Clearing. This partnership enables property managers to simplify their financial operations and automate OTA payment reconciliations with ease.

Elevate Your Financial Management With VacationRentPayment & Clearing

Clearing’s innovative financial management software now seamlessly integrates with VacationRentPayment, a leading payment processing platform for vacation rentals and/or Short-Term Rentals. This integration simplifies managing payments from platforms like Vrbo or reservations collected through Direct Booking Websites, allowing property managers to automate and streamline their payment processing and financial reconciliation processes.

How It Works

VacationRentPayment processes payments for Short-Term Rentals, allowing property management companies to act as the merchant of record. With the new integration, Clearing users can:

  • Automate Payment Reconciliation: Automatically match payments from VacationRentPayment to bookings, reducing manual data entry and errors.
  • Centralized Financial Overview: Access comprehensive financial data in one place, including guest payments and reservation specifics making your financial statements accurate, showing the full picture of your business.
  • Enhanced Financial Accuracy: Ensure precise financial operations with detailed transaction tracking and reporting.

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Embrace the future of financial management by integrating VacationRentPayment with Clearing. Say goodbye to manual payment tracking and hello to more efficient and accurate financial operations.

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