Feature Release: Simplify Financial Transparency with Automated Owner Statements in Clearing

Create automated owner statements with Clearing and keep homeowners updated on their investments today!

August 31, 2023


Feature Release: Simplify Financial Transparency with Automated Owner Statements in Clearing

Simplify Financial Transparency with Automated Owner Statements in Clearing

Managing Short-Term Rental properties involves an intricate dance of overseeing operations and tracking financials. Yet, for property managers dealing with multiple homeowners, the task of sharing detailed transaction information can be a time-consuming challenge. Enter our latest product enhancement, designed to revolutionize this process by offering automated financial statements for homeowners.

Sharing transaction specifics with homeowners has long posed difficulties for property managers, particularly due to limitations in most property management platforms. These platforms often struggle to accurately compile expenses, thus failing to provide the essential data required for creating concise Short-Term Rental or vacation rental homeowner statements. Consequently, property managers resort to manually collating every transaction detail for each Short-Term Rental asset they manage.

This manual endeavour becomes exponentially demanding for property managers handling multiple Short-Term Rental properties, demanding excessive time and effort. Juggling these intricacies mandates impeccable attention to detail and accuracy, as even a minor oversight could lead to information mix-ups or discrepancies in monetary values—details crucial to homeowners' trust.

Addressing these challenges head-on, Clearing unveils an innovative solution to empower property managers in a more intuitive manner. We're thrilled to announce that Clearing now empowers property managers to effortlessly generate automated homeowner statements tailored for Short-Term Rentals.

Leveraging Clearing's capabilities, property managers can seamlessly retrieve booking and transaction data from platforms like Stripe, Airbnb, and Property Management Software. This comprehensive data is then automatically integrated into owner statements for Short-Term Rental and vacation rental properties. These statements showcase both revenue and expense details, allowing property managers to gain a holistic view of the financial landscape. Moreover, property managers retain the flexibility to include supplementary transactions and commissions, all while generating branded owner statements based on specific date ranges.

Once prepared, these statements can be conveniently shared with homeowners in a PDF format. Alternatively, property managers can provide homeowners read-only access to the statements through Clearing's platform. This level of collaboration not only streamlines communication but bolsters financial transparency, ultimately saving invaluable time and resources that can be redirected towards scaling their Short-Term Rental enterprises.

Unlocking Efficiency and Collaboration with Clearing

For those seeking to keep homeowners in the loop regarding their assets, Clearing emerges as the ideal solution. We are delighted to extend an invitation for you to experience a complimentary personalized demo, demonstrating the simplicity of generating owner statements for your Short-Term Rental business.

Connect with us today through our contact page to explore how Clearing can redefine financial transparency by equipping you with the tools to craft owner statements effortlessly.

To see the steps associated with setting up homeowner statements at scale, see our knowledge article: Learn How To Create Homeowner Statements Automatically In Clearing

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