Feature Release: Effortlessly Add and Manage Recipients to Simplify Payments in Clearing

Discover the power of Clearing's recipient functionality, used for adding and managing recipients effortlessly. Simplify recipient management, streamline payments, and enhance financial control for seamless transactions.

August 17, 2023


Feature Release: Effortlessly Add and Manage Recipients to Simplify Payments in Clearing

Property managers face the challenge of managing a great number of payments to various recipients, including homeowners and vendors. In current practice, property managers make often payments to recipients through banks and other platforms, which are disconnected from their financial management solution. This highlights the need for a single platform that allows property managers to easily add recipients and make payments, streamlining their payment workflows and enhancing their financial control.

Clearing offers a comprehensive solution to this challenge by introducing a recipient section where property managers can easily add and manage recipients within a single platform. With all recipient information consolidated in one user-friendly platform, property managers can effortlessly access, update, and manage recipient details, and make payments, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Clearing simplifies recipient management by providing an intuitive interface for creating recipients within Clearing. Through a dedicated recipient section, property managers can effortlessly add and manage various recipients, including utility recipients, homeowner recipients, and other relevant parties, from one centralized location. This centralized approach streamlines payment processes, eliminates the need for multiple platforms, and enhances financial management efficiency.

Property managers can conveniently add new recipients within Clearing's recipient management interface by simply entering the recipient's name, email, and banking information. Saving this information ensures that future payments for recipients can be made without any hassle. Additionally, Clearing leverages the secure and reliable ACH network for transactions, ensuring efficient and secure money transfers to payment recipients.

By utilizing Clearing's recipient functionality, property managers gain precise control over payment processes and enhance their overall financial management. They can easily track transactions, monitor payment histories, and simplify expense management overall.

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