How to Effortlessly Create Profit & Loss (P&L) Statements in Clearing for Seamless Financial Reporting

Explore how to create Profit & Loss (P&L) statements in Clearing, simplify financial reporting, and streamline your year-end accounting.

October 3, 2023


How to Effortlessly Create Profit & Loss (P&L) Statements in Clearing for Seamless Financial Reporting

Creating profit and loss (P&L) statements is a critical aspect of financial management for property managers and business owners. These statements offer vital insights into a company's financial performance, revenue, and expenses, playing a pivotal role in informed decision-making and year-end accounting. Traditionally, generating P&L statements has been a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process, leading to challenges in maintaining accuracy and efficiency. In response to these challenges, Clearing provides a comprehensive platform that simplifies P&L statement creation, automates financial reporting, and streamlines trust accounting and bookkeeping processes.

Clearing, a leading platform in Short-Term Rental property financial management, has introduced an innovative feature to simplify P&L statement creation. This feature streamlines financial reporting, enabling property managers to gain comprehensive insights into their revenue and expenses while minimizing errors. Clearing's P&L statement offers configuration options, allowing users to tailor their financial reports to their specific needs. With the ability to adjust date ranges, filter data, and export reports, this feature ensures that financial reporting is efficient, accurate, and stress-free.

Simple Steps to Create P&L Statements in Clearing

Step 1: Access the Reporting Section in Clearing

Log in to your Clearing account using your credentials and navigate to the “Reporting” section in the side menu.

Step 2: Select Profit & Loss (P&L)

Within the Reporting tab, locate and select the "Profit & Loss" (P&L) option. This will be your gateway to creating P&L statements.

Step 3: Choose Your Customization

Clearing's P&L statement feature offers various customization options. You can create P&L statements by asset (property), by homeowner, by bank account, or for the entire business depending on your reporting needs.

To create P&L statements by asset, locate the “Asset” option, Click on the drop-down arrow, and choose the specific asset for which you want to create a P&L statement.

To create P&L statements by homeowner, check the box “Select by homeowner” and choose the specific homeowner for which you want to create a P&L statement.

If you want to filter data by a specific bank account, Clearing provides this option as well, locate the “Account” option, Click on the drop-down arrow, and choose the specific account for which you want to create a P&L statement.

You can also easily adjust the date range to generate monthly or yearly statements. This feature ensures that your financial books are always up to date, providing a clear overview of your financial performance. Put the desired date range in boxes, it will filter the data accordingly.

Clearing's platform allows you to display all transactions which will give you an overview of the entire business’ P&L statement. Just check the box “All transactions” and you will have everything from all the properties in there.

You can also turn on the “Display 0$ categories” option to display your entire chart of accounts, even those without a dollar value associated with them.

Step 4: Export Your P&L Statement

Once your P&L statement is ready, you can click on “Export PDF” to export it as a PDF. This feature simplifies the sharing process with your bookkeeper or accountant for reconciliation and year-end accounting purposes.

Take advantage of Clearing's powerful P&L statement feature to effortlessly create precise financial reports, gain in-depth insights into your revenue and expenses, and simplify your year-end accounting.

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