Feature Release: Integrate Stripe with Clearing for Automatic Categorization of Bulk Payouts from Stripe

Streamline your bookkeeping and the financial management of Stipe bulk payouts by integrating Stripe with Clearing.

September 13, 2023


Feature Release:  Integrate Stripe with Clearing for Automatic Categorization of Bulk Payouts from Stripe

Property managers in the Short-Term Rental industry encounter difficulties in efficiently handling payment processing and bookkeeping. This is particularly challenging when guests make reservations using credit cards and Stripe is the payment processing system used with the Online Travel Agency (OTA). Manually extracting essential details such as guest information, reservation specifics, and associated line items under each Stripe payout is time-consuming and prone to errors, because Stripe pays out in bulk payments with no line item information carried over on default. Property managers seek a streamlined solution to seamlessly integrate and connect Stripe transactions with corresponding bookings, enabling automated bookkeeping and error-free financial management.

Clearing introduces a streamlined Stripe integration to address the challenges faced by property managers. By seamlessly integrating with Stripe, Clearing simplifies the entire payment flow, consolidates transactions from multiple sources, and synchronizes the data effortlessly on the platform. This integration enables property managers to get information about guest payments and reservations, facilitating comprehensive financial records and automated bookkeeping.

Property managers can easily connect their Stripe account to Clearing with just one click. The integration with Stripe allows Clearing to access vital information about the guests, their specific reservations, and the corresponding line items of the payment transactions. This essential data enables Clearing to accurately match each payment to its respective booking. Property managers can easily view detailed line items under each Stripe payout, providing them with a clear overview of the financial aspects of their Short-Term Rental property business.

One of the key benefits of this integration is that the integration process with Stripe is straightforward, involving just a single click to connect the Stripe account to Clearing. Property managers only need to enter their Stripe credentials (securely) and continue with the process to establish the connection. This hassle-free setup makes it convenient for property managers to use the integrated platform without any technical complexities.

With the integration of Stripe and Clearing, property managers can easily manage guest reservations, credit card payments, and other financial records all in one place. Automating bookkeeping tasks ensures accuracy and efficiency, enabling property managers to focus on providing excellent guest experiences and growing their Short-Term Rental property business without the burden of complex payment management.

Gain valuable insights into guest reservations, payment details, and line items under each Stripe payout in one centralized platform. Say goodbye to manual reconciliation and hello to efficient payment processing and accurate financial records by integrating Stripe with Clearing.

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Check out our step-by-step guide on integrating Stripe with Clearing to streamline your Short-Term Rental property management financial operations, and unlock the full potential of automated bookkeeping and real-time transaction tracking.

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