Feature Release: Simplify Transaction Management with Custom Tags in Clearing

Find out how Clearing's custom tags are revolutionizing transaction management for property managers. Gain useful insights into financial operations by streamlining, filtering, and organizing transactions with customized tags.

August 18, 2023


Feature Release: Simplify Transaction Management with Custom Tags in Clearing

Property managers often need help to categorize and organize a large number of transactions effectively. This challenge necessitates a flexible tagging system that enables property managers to apply certain tags to transactions, enabling efficient filtering and retrieval, and helping with automated bookkeeping and trust accounting.

Clearing's custom tags offer a strong tool to simplify transaction management for property managers. Users can get in-depth insights into their financial activities by grouping transactions with distinctive tags. For property managers, custom tags offer a variety of value-added benefits:

Better Organization of Financial Transactions

Property managers can classify transactions uniquely and insightfully using Clearing's custom tags. Users can modify the tagging system to meet their needs by creating an infinite amount of tags.

Efficient Filtering for Focused Transaction Views

The tagging system makes it possible to retrieve transactions quickly by filtering based on particular tags. By doing this, you save the time it would have taken to search through all the transactions manually.

Customizable Groups for Organizing Bookkeeping

Clearing's custom tag feature now includes tag groups in addition to individual tags. Users can establish groups to organize their tags further and provide a hierarchical framework of transactions for better financial management.

Clearing, the leading bookkeeping and financial management platform for Short-Term Rentals, has introduced a groundbreaking feature that empowers property managers and real estate investors to create and utilize custom tags, revolutionizing the way they handle transactions. By enabling users to assign each transaction with a unique tag, this creative solution solves the problem of categorizing and organizing a large volume of transactions for bookkeeping and trust accounting purposes. By implementing custom tags, Clearing gives property managers the tools they need to simplify transaction management procedures and boost financial efficiency.

Property managers now have complete control over how transactions are described, categorized, and organized with the introduction of Clearing’s custom tags. Users can create as many tags as they want, customizing the system to fit their unique requirements and preferences. Property managers may navigate through their financial activities by organizing transactions with custom tags, making monitoring and analyzing transaction data easier.

Discover how to create, customize, and apply tags to expense and revenue transactions, empowering you to organize your financial activities more effectively, and streamline your financial operations.

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To get step-by-step instructions related to setting up custom tags in Clearing, see our associated knowledge article.

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